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What it feels like to present an idea to Investors

Short answer: Nerveracking.

March of 2020 days before the lockdown started in the Philippines we were able to attend an event called “The Pitch”.

Startup companies and Entrepreneurs gathered in the event to present their great ideas. For us, it’s the expansion of the existing company of my mentor and very good friend Roland Opeda. The owner of Hive Manila.

To be honest with you I didn’t talk much. I have a part in the presentation but it was like I talked for about 20 or 40 seconds at max. I’m prepared. That’s what I thought. We didn’t expect the questions of the investors.

They break our guard on the first batch of questions but sir Roland able to defend the idea. It feels like I’m going back to my college days defending my video game thesis. It’s exhausting mentally.

In the end, we did great. We are one of the companies selected by Mark Vernon to move forward with the next step. Yey! But because of Covid, It’s a lost opportunity.

Still, I’m glad to be able to experience this rare opportunity and looking forward to future presentations.

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