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Lessons I’ve Learned at 27

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

Today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me. I am 27-years-old. Damn. Lapit na ako mag 30!

Celebrating my 27th birthday in the midst of a pandemic. Well, I can’t do anything about that. It is what it is.

Still, I am very happy and grateful for all of the things that happened to us. It’s a roller coaster ride.

I want to start by listing our major achievements this year.

  • My second child was born (Hi Ashe!)
  • We are in the process of buying a house (Yes!)
  • I became a full-time dev at MoxieLabs (Which I really enjoy)
  • I started a Blog (Finally!)
  • Expanded my connections (Hey guys!)
  • I read more books this year than last year (More books!)
  • I’m able to increase my income this year with consolidated projects around 6 figures a month (Goals!)

Of course, there are also disappointments along the way. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine. There are expectations that I didn’t meet and goals that I didn’t achieve. That’s totally okay.


These recent months I started to learn about investing. I learned more about money this year by consuming financial literacy lessons from books and online resources. Shaping a strong mindset about money.

I became more aware of my purchases. I think about my wants multiple times if it will add value to me or I should save the money for the greater good. And I think that’s a great habit moving forward.

After all, I want to reach financial freedom in my 40s. That’s the ultimate goal.

Wiser Than Last Year

I’m learning from my failures every year and this year is no different. I failed in so many things and that’s okay. I will not repeat the same mistakes I did.


Since I started this blog, there are people reaching out to me that need some advice. I learned to listen to them more than talking about myself. They need to be heard and they need a quick solution to their problems.

I read this quote somewhere: “To be interestingyou must be interested.”

I also practice listening more than I talk. Knowing the right time to give my opinions and not giving advice unless asked. Be neutral at all times and think about what I’m going to say before opening my mouth.

Anger Management

I’m not always this cool. Trust me. Sometimes, the situation makes me disappointed and makes me angry.

I learned that there’s no good decision that I’ll make if I’m angry or not in the right attitude. Nabasa ko from a blog of my friend na “Nakakabobo magalit”. And It’s true.

When I know that I’m going to burst, I try to focus on my breathing and release the bad aura. It’s somewhat helping me to calm down and catch my senses. This habit saves potential damages haha!

A Big Picture Perspective

Everything changed when I developed a big picture perspective. Wait, what does that mean?

Seeing things from multiple perspectives and anticipate the future. We learned to make contingency plans designed to take a possible future event or circumstance.

Hindi ako umaasa kay batman and I hate the word “Bahala na”.

Always Move Forward And Focus On The Things I Can Control

Okay. I know at some point, matatapos din itong pandemic. I’m trying to look forward and move forward.

I’m taking advantage of the things I can only control and not giving a single fuck to other things. Kasi I want to practice spending my major time on major things than spending my major time on minor things.

I’ll try my best to help in anyway I can in my own way. I don’t know how long this pandemic will damage the lives of the people but I know, matatapos din ito. From then, let’s move forward.

And That’s it!

Again, Happy Birthday to me! Let’s not make this pandemic stop us from celebrating our day. I want to enjoy this day for myself and for my family. CHEERS!

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  1. I am quite impress to be honest with all your achievements , not everyone in your age has the same perspective in life, Keep it up France. Long way to go with life, keep learning , be optimistic and stay humble. You are great!!
    Happy Bday, regards to your family

  2. Hi France!

    Bro. belated happy birthday. 🙂
    haha kahit September na! ..

    Thank you for awesome contents lalo na yung Note taking.
    Looking forward for your future blog contents.

    P.S – pwede mag request for next blog content. “How do you write your blog contents? Whats your writing process ? Rituals (?) “

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