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Learn how to get paid more as a Web Developer

As a developer we getting better at the technologies we use overtime. That is one way we are getting more valuable. But aside from that, how do you increase your value to the companies or businesses you work for? 

Based from the article from

“Businesses don’t just want good coders. They need good people who can code at the same time as understanding the real-life application of what they are doing. Business-savvy, young, bright developers are very valuable.”

Also from

“Software engineers can no longer rely solely on their technology expertise, but they also must have a keen understanding of the strategic impact of technology decisions on the business.”

Here are the things I learned and things I did through out my experience.

If you want to get paid more, learn how to create more value to the business or the company you work for. Provide impact in the business side of things aside on getting better on the technology side.

Here’s how: 

Understand how the business work

You need to understand how the business work so you know how to position yourself to the company and come up with the best way to add value. 

“What can I do to make more money for the company?”

Money is the blood of all businesses. Finding a way on how you can add value will make you an asset.

Speak the language of the business not just speaking by technical communication. 

Madalas when we speak like a developer or a programmer, akala natin madaling naiintindihan ng boss or business owners yung mga bagay na gusto nating ipa-intindi.

Don’t be like that. 

Always try to speak like a normal person. Because trying to communicate with jargon or in-depth technical way is not making you cool. 

Sometimes dito nagkakaroon ng misunderstanding.

Also it is a good practice that you initiate communication of every progress you make. 

Even just 2 to 3 sentence of daily update will do.

Try to communicate everything as much as possible to make sure you are on the same page and making the same expectations. 

“Like, Hey boss here’s what I did yesterday and this is what I’m currently working on. Just let me know if you need anything. Thanks!”

Sell solutions, not technologies

This can also be apply when you are a freelancer. 

Instead of sasabihin mo na, I do worpdress, python, react, angular, c++, vue, bootstrap and any tech stack na kunyari alam mo, try a different perspective.

Let say merong kang client and they gave you what they want. Instead of proposing the technology itself, Diagnose the problem of the client and position yourself on how you can genuinely help them and be of service.

Solving their problems instead of pushing the technology you know is one of very effective way add value.

Practice empathy 

When I work for someone, I have this perspective na “I own this business” or “I treat it as my own company”. 

So that said, I need to work hard to make this company grow. Kase if this company or business grows, I will grow as well.

Kailangan ng clients ng partners na may care about their problems and work with them to solve it. 

Give care about those things because it will compound growth over time. 

Eventually your boss or the client will see those little things and will appreciate your value by compensating you more. 

If not and you observed that they are just taking advantage of your empathy, then you are in the wrong company. Magisip isip ka na. 

Do not go to your boss with problems, go to your boss with solutions

This is something that I personally discovered working with different boss and clients. 

Think of it like this, yung boss mo, marami ng iniisip and they hired you to fix something or to be of service. 

One thing you can shine as a developer is instead of discussing the problem and make it a big deal, move forward on how you can solve it to save time of your boss. 

Of course, hindi ko sinsasabi na hide the problem before it can cause a bigger problem.

What I want you to understand is when you discuss the problem to your boss, 

It is much better that you already think about problem and already come up with a solution instead of just leaving it as it is. 

Your boss will be the judge of your solution if that fix the problem. 

Always think about how you can save the time and money of your boss or the client. 

Good work ethics

Well this is given if you want to increase your value.

Now, check your salary based on the current market. 

If you think you are being underpaid, it is the best time to ASK FOR A SALARY INCREASE. 

I know I know. Madaling sabihin, mahirap gawin. But hear me out. I remember someone said “You don’t get what you don’t ask for”. And it’s true.

Okay you don’t just go to your boss and ask for salary increase. It’s not work like that.

You need to consider bringing up your accomplishments through out the time you work in this company and how you can help the company grow in the future. 

I would like to leave one of my favorite quote from Jim Rohn:

“If you want above average income, become and above average person”

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