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People only see the results — My morning thoughts

My morning thoughts.

People only see the results. They don’t see my struggle, my sleepless nights juggling 2 to 3 clients at the same time and the side hustle I’m working on. They’re taking for granted my current status.

Hindi ako naniniwala sa swerte (I do not believe in fuckin luck). While you were playing Mobile Legends I’m reading a book on how I can save and invest my hard earned money. While you were hanging out with your friends, I’m doing 16 hours of work each day. I invested thousands of hours just to teach myself how to become better.

I strongly believe in the saying, “If You Are Born Poor It’s Not Your Mistake, But If You Die Poor, It’s Your Mistake”

And that’s my two cents

I’m obsessed with successful people

I’m obsessed with successful people. I observed that one of the many differences between successful people and not so successful is that, successful people have ambitious goals and a solid plan of attack on what they want.

I personally experiencing the power of goal setting. If I want something, I’m writing a specific goal I want to achieve and how I can get it in a good way. Doing anything that it takes to achieve that goal. After that, FAIL is the second thing. achieving my goals is NOT EASY and it’s not in the first place. I’m just doing what I believe is the right way and I FAIL my way to success.

Jim Rohn once said, “Success leaves clues”. The thing is you just need to be willing to look for them. Like Chris Do, I like to study a lot of successful people. What’s their day to day look like, How they work, what kind of people they are. Reading books from successful people is a must when finding the “Clues” to be successful and applying it is a hard thing.

What’s my definition of success? I’m not there yet. But for me, my success is when I find my purpose and true happiness in my work and have financial independence that other people can benefit. I know I’m just in the feet of my goals but I’m more interested and looking forward to what person I can become than to reach my destination.

and that’s my two cents.

I have so many excuses

I have so many excuses. My weight is 180lbs. It’s been months since I hit the gym because of my super busy schedule. I own my time as a Freelancer but I can’t lift weights and do physical activity. Not because I do not have time (we all have time to do what we want), but because it’s not the priority.

Why do I want to go to the gym anyway? I want to lose weight. It’s my longtime battle with myself that I’m still struggling. I want to be a personal brand and one thing to improve is my weight and overall health.

My mind says I should go to gym but my body is too tired due to work. I have so many excuses. Until I saw the video of Matt d’Avella demonstrating how his audience notices his body especially his biceps in every video. I felt jealous honestly.

“It’s just need to be consistent” Matt said in his video. This hits me hard. I have time watching youtube videos for hours, playing video games for hours but I’m not prioritizing my well being for just 30 minutes.

2nd day of my workout and my body is aching but I feel good because I accomplish something for myself. I will do this consistently EVERY SINGLE DAY! until I find myself become fit and healthy.

The bottom line is, I think I need to love myself first and reflect if what I’m doing is beneficial to me.

and that’s my two cents

Why am I living in a minimalist lifestyle?

Why am I living in a minimalist lifestyle? Not because its a norm, but because it’s improving my life to a whole new level.

How minimalism change my life? It changes everything.

Doing this lifestyle hugely improves our finances. I realized less stuff means less stress. We don’t have any form of debt which is really really good. Less stuff means more time to what really is important.

I don’t want to go back to living my life from paycheck to paycheck. It sucks.

Buying the stuff I don’t really need creates an unnecessary thing that doesn’t give value to my life.

For me, real happiness will not be found in material things. Happiness is spending my valuable time with important persons in my life and doing what we love.

My time is the most precious thing I can give to my child

No matter how busy I am, I always find time for Yuna. My time is the most precious thing I can give to her.

I can give her a lot of toys and material things but she’ll eventually get rid of it. Yuna will get only one childhood and I want it to be memorable. Spending time her is my favorite and the best time every day.

I want to make her childhood full of memorable moments with me and Sze and making sure that we constantly keep a relationship flourishing and growing.

We’re starting a podcast!

I’m collaborating with the awesome Youtuber Hans Andres to create a meaningful and valuable podcast.

Why do we want to start a podcast? We’re doing it for ourselves. Giving our valuable opinion on the things will make us grow is a thing to share.

Why our podcast is different? It’s not about the audience, it’s about us. We just converting our thoughts to something that listeners can enjoy and get valuable content.

The podcast will cover great ideas and topics around finding happiness in work, changing career, what it’s like to be a Freelancer, financial freedom and making a better life.

We will also talk about technical thoughts about design, development, and media where you can learn and apply in your current work as a Freelancer.

Please look forward to the podcast and any support from you is really appreciated.

If you want to learn more about Hans Andres here’s the youtube channel. Subscribe and leave a comment. He’s providing really informative and entertaining content.

I listen to podcasts for a week and here’s what I learned

A few weeks ago, I was invited to be a guest in a podcast.

Back then, Podcast is new to me. It’s a medium that I always ignore and have no interest.

Until I listen to the podcast episode where I guested in and enjoyed it. Not because I’m in the podcast but the idea of listening to something that I can learn.

From there, I started to listen to the podcast of my favorite virtual mentors (Chris Do, Jim Rohn, Dave Ramsey, Brian Tracy, etc.)

Here’s what I learned

theFutur Podcast Ep 035 — Running a Creative Business

40 hours a week is not enough. 40 hours a week is what you do at a desk job somewhere clocking in and clocking out.

— Chris Do

I know this for a long time. That’s why I get out of 9 to 5 job to work more than 60 hours per week. I know it’s not easy to run a business, I know I will not achieve success if the amount of work I do is only a few hours. But I have determination, I have persistence and I’m willing to sacrifice something to achieve my goals.

theFutur Podcast Ep 035 — Running a Creative Business

The Focus Sheet is you writing down what you’re suppose to get done that day

— Chris Do

On the same episode, Chris Do talked about the focus sheet. I already write an article about this. Here’s the link

theFutur Podcast Ep 039 — Grow your Business with Melinda Livsey

Everything is realistic and attainable as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

— Chris Do

This is one of my favorite episode of the theFutur podcast. Having a clear goal will help you create a great plan on how to achieve it. The amount of work that you put in will determine if you’re going to achieve those goals or not. Most people want everything but not willing to do certain sacrifice and willing to delay gratification.

theFutur Podcast Ep 027 — Staying Persistent Despite Catastrophic Failure

What if they say no? what if people say i’m not good enough? Well that’s only a setback. If you quit then that’s the outcome. That’s the conclusion.

— Chris Do

This is a strong episode. It’s about the willingness, persistence, determination, focus and the ability to turn the defeat and failure into a learning moment to pursue a creative life.

theFutur Podcast Ep 015 — Staff, Freelance or Entrepreneur?

Don’t be an information hoarder. Our industry moves forward by you sharing information.

— Chris Do

This episode really hits me hard. I love to share. I love the fact that when I learn things, someone can learn by sharing the things I learn.

theFutur Podcast Ep 015 — Staff, Freelance or Entrepreneur?

When you go and find a new job, make sure you ask the person interviewing you “can i involve in the business aspects of what you’re doing” — Ultimately that’s gonna make you morevaluable because you understand what’s really impacting the business.

— Chris Do

On the same episode, Chris Do talked about the things will make you more valuable — involvement in the business aspect of the company will play a big role in your value.

theFutur Podcast Ep 025 —The Importance of Mentor

I love helping people. I really do — I get into this place where received joy in helping people

— Chris Do

I can relate to this statement. Helping people is something that gives me joy. Seeing people you help grow is satisfaction. I love to share what I know and what I know might help other people achieve their goals.

theFutur Podcast Ep 025 — The Importance of Mentor

I do believe in energy and that if you put out positive energy, positive energy comes back to you. — If I do good for you, you do good for somebody else and 17 moves later maybe something totally different comes back to me.

— Chris Do

On the same episode, Chris Do share his point of view about giving to others. That is also what I’m experiencing for a long time. The more you give, the more you receive. It’s not working as when you give something, it will come back to you later that day or tomorrow, it’s something that will come back to you either for a long time or in an unexpected way.

I have so many episodes to write but I think these lessons are the one that’s memorable and highlighted to me. I will write what I learn from Jim Rohn podcast on the next post. I hope you’ll learn something too.

Here is the link of the futur podcast.

Do All Millionaires Think The Same?

So I watched a video about millionaires answering their opinions about the questions handed to them (link below)

Since when I was young, I am very enthusiastic about being rich and having wealth. That mentality didn’t change.

But.. why?

If I didn’t become a developer I maybe became an Entrepreneur — If I didn’t become an entrepreneur I maybe became a baker. Then the last one — to become a loan shark. Because that’s how I see my career path to become rich.

I learned what I have to learn to be “above average” and right now I think I’m at the tip of it. Just the tip but not there yet.

I would like to answer the questions in the video if I were a “millionaire” but I think I personally can’t validate it because well, I’m not a millionaire yet.

Before, I do not believe in luck. I actually wrote something about it that where you are today is because of how you “Work hard” and “Work smart” — And that’s technically true and that’s a fact.

But as I grow up and meet new people, reading people’s biography and learn about them, I observed that sometimes even if how hard you try or how hard you work smart, you can’t achieve your goal or there is really one thing that hindrance your success — Maybe because those people are not destined for it? or may balat sila sa pwet? I don’t really know.

I believe that success is something you work hard, work smart in the right place and the right time — and a little bit of luck. That’s the components that I believe now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful and grateful for the things that I have today. I am very happy and contented but I know I can break my limit and do more than what I have today. And that is what drives me toward success.

Right now what I have in mind is that I will spend the first half of my life making money and the second half of my life giving it away. Maybe that is my ultimate happiness.

K. Bye.

My method of accomplishing my todo list every day and stay focus

Every day, there is something that pulls me out from what I’m currently doing and everything looks important to me that need my full attention. Is it really that important?

Working from home is a challenging work environment. I’m distracted physically by Television, by my wife and my child.

I have a separate room for my home office but most of the time, I want to work beside them because I want to feel that I accompanied. At least I need someone to talk to if I want to clear my mind from the task.

How does my day usually look like?

My average wake up time is 10 AM. After or during eating breakfast, I write a list of task that I need to do or I want to do that day.

I write it down in my journal or a piece of paper that I can bring everywhere I go.

The format I’m using is a TODO title with the current date on the right. Each of the tasks has a square checkbox with a small space on the left for the number.

The number represents the priority sequence of how important the task is.

If I found myself scattered and unfocus, I just look at my task list so I can keep track of my task and priority what is really important.

It’s not that important that I finish all the task in the list because it may not possible for the task to finish that day. So what I’m doing is move the unfinished task to the next day and make an effort to finish it and extend the time for the other task.

Chris Do call this “Focus Sheet”

I just call this “my task list”. Regardless, the goal is the same. Keep track and make me focus on the tasks needs to be done.

Don’t make a list you want to do the next day or the next year. Just write down what you need to do TODAY. Put an effort to finish at least 80% of it and move the unfinished task the next day.

And that’s my method to stay focus and finish my task every day.