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Hello, my name is France & I’m a Frontend Developer with extensive experience in WordPress & Shopify

Leveraging platforms like WordPress and Shopify to help startup businesses and entrepreneurs is a game-changer for me. It’s been 9 years since I started my professional career as a Frontend Developer. I built a ton of Websites and Apps, helping businesses and entrepreneurs to make their ideas into reality.

These past few years I’m more into leadership roles. Being a Project Manager and managing talented developers is I think one of accomplishing roles in my career. I love helping others to utilize their full potential and be the best of what they can be. Helping them grow and nourish their skills will help the project to be successful.

I strongly believe that being a great developer is not just about coding. It consists of good work ethics, self-motivation, good problem-solving skills, and end-to-end communication. Doing the work with high satisfaction is important to me, as well as building relationships and gaining the trust of every client that I work with.

In my spare time, I’m listening to podcasts during my workout almost every day, writing my thoughts, and document what I’ve learned.

Feel free to reach out. I love making new friends.